What Are Missions?

Missions are how you earn points. Complete your mission and points will be added to your account, and they earn you badges as you increase your status, and you collect different ranks from all the branches of our military. 

Please support our mission and go to this video https://vets4vetsnation.com/videos/he-s-not-a-fallen-soldier 

  1. Click one of the Social Media icons at the top of the video, this will allow you to share it.
  2. Make a comment on your chosen social media (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter)

On your chosen social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) you can paste this text below in the comment box OR you can write your own:

"Watch this video, its a great song and the words are powerful. I joined Vets4Vets-Nation so that I can support our heroes that have served and that are serving. Thank you for your service.   You can join me by signing up for FREE at https://vets4vetsnation.com"

NOTE: You only get the 5 points if you comment "Done" in the REPLY section of this Mission below

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