How It Works

We created this community because we wanted a common place to share memories, events, photos and videos that make an impact on our fellow veterans.  At the same time we wanted to reward our most passionate members and advocates.  

Your mission is to spread the word of your fellow Veterans and support each other.  For every activity you complete on the platform we award you points, and those points earn you different ranks, that you collect.

We calls these tasks "Missions" we want you to complete each of them, and get rewarded!

Coming soon, we will be adding great prizes you can win from our awesome sponsors.

Here are the values for each activity:

  • A Written Post = 10 Points
  • A New Article = 50 Points
  • A New Comment = 5 Points
  • Upload a Video = 20 Points
  • Upload a Photo = 10 Points
  • A New Poll = 10 Points
  • A New Event = 10 Points
  • New Audio = 20 Points